Product Ranges

Nature treating you. 


We have created some beautiful natural products for you. These products do not contain any additives or preservatives; they are based on wild, organic herbs, natural ingredients and colourants, which are carefully processed and packaged to benefit your skin in the best way; nourish, moisturise and preserve your natural health. 

ORKA-Naturals products are all cruelty-free, produced in a way to protect our environment using 100% pure essential oils.


We empower environmentally aware and health conscious people by creating natural skincare products. So that we can reduce the use of chemicals, plastic and therefore we can reserve our health and save our planet. 

The simplicity of natural skincare.

There’s so much happening behind the scenes of ORKA-Naturals to ensure our customers receive the most quality, reliable products possible. 


Please explore our natural soap and skincare product collections below: ​

Image by Brittney Weng

Lip Balms

Naturally Nourishing

Never underestimate the power of a simple lip balm.


Body Butters

Naturally Moisturising

For hydrated, soft and healthy skin, reach for our range of body butters.



Naturally Cleansing

Only produced from natural ingredients, do not contain any additives or preservatives; they are based on wild, organic herbs. Cruelty free and vegan.

Woman with Face Cream

Face Creams

Naturally Hydrating

Produced from natural ingredients, these creams are pure, free of chemicals, and based on wild, organic herbs,