Chamomile Lip Balm (15ml)

Chamomile Lip Balm (15ml)


Lip balm made out of natural herbs, natural butters and plant-based wax. (15ml)

  • Product Information

    There are many health benefits of chamomile oil, it is a dream for your skin.

    Regular use of chamomile oil can help even your skin tone, and the strengthening properties of chamomile oil repairs and regenerates the skin, making it look fresh and youthful.


    The soothing properties of chamomile oil make it a wonderful ingredient to treat dry and dehydrated skin. If the cold, winter air is leaving your skin dry and crackled, then skincare products with chamomile are the perfect solution for you.


    In addition, we have carefully selected natural ingredients to care for your lips.


    Candelilla Wax is a “vegetable” wax that is obtained from the Euphorbia cerifera botanical, better known as the small, wild Candelilla shrub. As a water-proofing agent, it protects the plant against heat and dryness, thereby preventing moisture loss.

    It has the ability to create barriers between the skin and harsh environmental stressors makes it a valuable ingredient in products such as our lip balms.

    Candelilla wax acts as a skin protectant, it contributes shine and also a nourishing skin conditioner. It also makes this lip balm a vegan product.


    Our St John’s Wort oil infusion has soothing, antiseptic and pain-relieving properties, making it a great addition in small quantities to our skincare blend.

    It is thought to be a great addition to anti-ageing benefits as well as it great for your lips during the hard winter days, when it comes to the rescue with cracked lips and aids the healing process.