• Kate Varvedo

The Truth About Essential Oils

It is a common misconception that essential oils, often associated with fragrance and the damaging effects linked to them, are harmful to our skin when used in cosmetic products. A few of the negatives are; essential oils and fragrances are irritants, they should especially not be used for skin conditions such as eczema, they should not be used on sensitive skin, they will dry out the skin, they will slow the healing process of the skin, and the list goes on. Whilst some of these may be true for some fragrances (i.e. Perfumes) as many are alcohol based, it isn’t always the same with essential oils. Here at ORKA-Naturals, we would like to clear up some of these false affirmations.

Firstly, yes, essential oils are a fragrant, bringing luxurious scents to cosmetics that can leave your skin smelling delightful. However, this does not mean that they are bad. Let us explain why; essential oils are highly concentrated, which immediately scares people away. Essential oils in our products are always balanced with a carrier oil, diluting the essential oils so that it is safe for the delicate skin; not detrimental. Having said that, they are completely safe and bring goodness rather than harm to your skin.

Our bodies can handle up to 5% concentration of essential oils, but the majority of skincare products on the market contain far less than this – usually under 2%. Knowing this leads a lot of people to think that using multiple products in their skincare routine will add up the concentration, making it over the limit; however, as essential oils are diluted within each product, and the fact that you aren’t using the whole product in one use, the overall concentration remains far under the limit, bringing no health concerns to the skin.

This also applies to sensitive skin, such as those that are acne prone and are worried about bringing more damage to their broken moisture barrier. Our products utilise essential oils that are naturally sourced and processed, meaning they have a very high purity, no damaging chemicals and contain minimal allergens, so most users have no problems at all with sensitivity. Essential oils are only damaging when they are impure, used at too high a concentration or oxidised. The more diluted, the safer they are to use.

We should also account for leave on vs rinse off products. If you are still worried about fragrances in products that do not clearly state that the fragrant is an essential oil, which we wouldn’t recommend for more sensitive or dry skin types, or you are nervous to start trying products that use essential oils, you may consider trying rinse off products containing essential oils first. By this we mean soaps, cleansers and any other products that are only left on your skin for a short period of time.

So, you might be wandering, what goodness do essential oils bring? And how do I know which is right for me and my skin?

Essential oils have so many wonderful benefits; they are soothing, reduce inflammation, antibacterial, nourishing, therapeutic, the list is endless! Let’s go into a few of the oils used in our products:

  • Take Chamomile as an example; containing moisturising, calming and anti-inflammatory properties, due to a component called azulene, chamomile is great for sensitive, acne or rosacea prone skin types.

  • Frankincense essential oils are rich in lipids which are great for ageing skin, it can also help alleviate oily skin types, including acne prone skin types.

  • Looking to reduce signs of ageing? Rose oil promotes skin cell turnover, meaning fine lines, wrinkles and damaged skin will disappear more quickly as the skin repairs its upper layer. This is because Rose is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and antioxidants.

  • Lemongrass is an astringent, meaning it contracts dead skin cells and oils on the skin, making it an excellent choice for fighting spots, it is even anti microbial!

  • Eucalyptus is great for offering pain relief to irritated skin types, as well as to eczema and psoriasis. By providing moisture, itching sensations may be largely reduced.

  • Tea tree is derived fro melaleuca trees, helping to clear bacteria and reduce inflammation. It is also famously an antiseptic, making it a popular choice for fighting acne.

To round things up, essential oils are really good for your skin (whether it is oily, acne-prone, sensitive, or dry) given that they are correctly diluted and are pure, containing no damaging chemicals. We believe it is possible to produce skin care products with pure, natural ingredients whilst being able to accommodate for all the different skin types out there. All of the ORKA-Naturals products containing essential oils have been carefully chosen, aiming to bring out the very best in your skin; we have so many combinations and benefits to choose from!

We hope this cleared your perspective, here’s to healthy skincare!

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