• Kate Varvedo

Maintain good health rather than fighting for it!

Our world has become a throwaway society. Everything needs to be done quickly. If you do the simple maths, it is not possible to produce any commodity in such a large quantity with such speed. We should always search for products that are produced the sustainable way, the healthy way!

The sad result of the fast paced, artificial production of food and cosmetic products is that it leads to the deteriorating health issues of our bodies. For example, growing an apple tree or vegetables takes time, as does raising a piglet, calf or a chick. This should be reflected in the making of products, yet this is not the case. The speed of production around the world has resulted in cheating; using chemicals and artificial additives to produce for our demanding society - this is not good for our health.

We can read lots of articles on how the use of chemicals involved in production, harvesting, processing, packing, transport, marketing and consumption creates harmful effects on both humans and ecology. I have recently read this article on Harvard Health Publishing (Harvard Medical School) which explained some of these effects; although the article focuses on children, the result is the same on a long-term run. For further information read here.

Instead of fast production and artificial reservation, we should take step back and see how “old time” production happened; how we grew the fruits and vegetables and used the herbs available for medicinal purposes as well as for preventing illnesses. It will take time to grow and create good and healthy products; there are lots of available products out there on the market produced in this way, so if you take time to do the research, you can find sustainable and healthy products for you and your family.

There are some lovely recommendations by people who have already done the research for you collectively - you just have to read and enjoy it. My lovely friend Anneka at New Shades of Hippy does exactly the thing! Check out her sustainable products suggestions.

I am a great believer in that we can do lots to look after our body and health to prevent many long-term illnesses. Only we can act and do something about it. Nobody else will do this for us. Taking care of what we eat and what we put into our bodies. We need to take our future in our own hands and look after our family too. Maintain good health rather than fighting for it!

“I believe that we can change the world for the better.

We can think differently,

The way I work is to keep it simple,

Use lovely, natural ingredients,

Which are good for your health,

All of which are also good for the environment and are cruelty free.

By the way, it just happens that I make skincare products too.”


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