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Far too often, we don’t think about what we are buying and how it affects our bodies, nature and the environment. Mass-produced products are often pumped full of harmful chemicals to increase shelf-life and so that production is cheaper. Unfortunately, this cannot only lead to many health problems, from common irritation of the skin to rarer cases of cancer, but also has devastating impacts on the environment. 

For example, palm oil, which is used in many foods and cosmetic products, has been responsible for roughly 8% of deforestation and requires the destruction of orangutan habitats, leaving the young orphaned and others without a home or food to survive. Deforestation also releases a large volume of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which contributes to climate change. Not to mention that carbon monoxide is poisonous when breathed in. 

Turning to natural remedies, and more sustainable processes and materials will have positive impacts on our personal human care whilst being kinder to our environment.

Growing up in the suburbs of Budapest, my grandfather used to teach me all about animals and nature, which sparked my love for the great outdoors at a very early age. We would go for long walks in the nearby fields, where he would show me how to find and collect different herbs. Whenever possible, my older sister and I would disappear in the woods, playing for hours and scouting for nature’s hidden treasures. We were so fascinated by this environment that my sister would buy books on various plants and herbs, which we would then try to find in our garden and back in the woods, after which we read up on their benefits.


During my later studies, environmental management played a large role in my degree at university; however, despite my love of nature, I never took the importance of the environment seriously until recent years. 

As an adult, I am more environmentally aware. Turning on the news every morning and keeping up to date with the media, I can see how humans are demolishing our planet. Consequently, I want to make it the principal of my business to go back to nature to look after our bodies via using locally sourced, natural commodities, reducing the volume of plastic and chemicals used, and increasing sustainability. The use of locally grown herbs and locally sourced packaging reduces the emissions from travel to be more sustainable, as well as helping smaller businesses. 


It is wonderful to see that today’s generation are so much more aware of the environment and are concerned about saving the planet, taking steps towards improving future life. We need to preserve our environment and its natural resources rather than destroying them, as there is so much out there that can help us. 

This is really important, because nature has given us many natural remedies; these are often more effective than many commercially produced items. For this very reason, I want to bring back these old, forgotten customs which were in practice by many generations, when we had to use natural sources before we could rely on medicines and modern techniques.


Moreover, I have decided to use my creativity and business knowledge, combined with my experience, to create ORKA-Naturals to share with people, so everyone can benefit from these remedies and herbs in their everyday lives. 

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